Lesson Prices

Standard Lessons


After The Test

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is an additional short course of structured training intended to improve the essential skills of new drivers.

Hampshire County Council currently offers a £75 contribution towards the cost of Pass Plus for anyone aged 17 to 24 in the Hampshire County Council local authority area. Please note that this excludes the City of Southampton and City of Portsmouth.

£300.00 for the minimum 6 hours training.  £225.00 with the HCC Pass Plus scheme.

Motorway Driving

Motorway driving can be a daunting experience for any driver.

With some tips and advice I can help you become more confident on the motorway, so you'll find journeys more pleasurable.

£55.00 per hour.

Great Britain Familiarisation Training

Ideal for EU and non-EU licence holders wanting to obtain a full UK licence.

£55.00 per hour.

Eco-Safe Driving

Save money and time driving more efficiently, and reduce stress behind the wheel.

£55.00 per hour.