Show Me / Tell Me Questions


There are 14 ‘tell me’ and 7 ‘show me’ questions, formally known as the vehicle safety questions. You'll be asked one ‘tell me’ question at the beginning of the test, where you'll have explain to the examiner how you would carry out a safety-related task. You'll also be asked one ‘show me’ question where you must demonstrate how to carry out a safety-related task while driving. This question can be asked at any time during the test.

You can't fail your driving test on the basis of these questions alone - if you get one or both questions wrong, you'll receive one driving fault (‘minor’). Remember not to allow the ‘show me’ question to distract you from the primary task of driving the car safely - you can still get a serious or dangerous fault if you lose control while answering the question!

‘Tell Me’ Questions
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‘Show Me’ Questions
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