About Pass Plus


Pass Plus is a practical training course aimed at improving the skills of newly qualified drivers. It consists of a minimum of 6 hours of training, covering the following subject areas:

  • In this module you will learn to improve your observation and planning skills. You should gain confidence in negotiating the many hazards present when driving in towns and cities, such as complex junctions and roundabouts, bus and cycle lanes, and vulnerable road users including pedestrians and motorcyclists.
  • Driving on rural roads brings many challenges that you're unlikely to find in towns and cities. You will learn how to safely navigate blind bends and narrow roads; how to deal with animals or slow-moving vehicles on the road; and how to overtake safely.
  • This module covers the various challenges presented by the weather: the effect of dazzling sunshine or fog on visibility; increased stopping distances on wet, snowy, or icy roads; and how to recognise and avoid the risk of skidding.
  • Many drivers will have had little to no experience of night driving before passing their test. This module covers the key differences you'll encounter when driving in the dark, including the correct use of vehicle lighting, judging speed and position, and adjusting to different light levels.
  • You should have had some experience of driving on dual carriageways before taking your test, but this module focuses on improving judgement and observation, safe stopping distances, and good lane discipline.
  • Although learners are now allowed to drive on motorways with an approved driving instructor, you may not spend much time on them in preparing for your test. In this module, you'll gain experience in joining and leaving the motorway safely, following signs, and using the lanes correctly.
Taking the Course

The course must be taken with an approved driving instructor. There is no test - instead, you will be assessed throughout the course. To pass, you must meet the required standard in all modules. Your instructor will then give you a completed Training Report Form, which you must then send to the DVSA who will issue your certificate.

Hampshire County Council Scheme

Hampshire County Council currently offers a £75.00 contribution towards the cost of Pass Plus for anyone aged 17 to 24 living in the Hampshire County Council local authority area. Please note that this excludes the City of Southampton and City of Portsmouth.

Read more and register for the scheme at Hampshire Road Safety.

Insurance Discounts

Some insurers offer a discount to new drivers who have completed the Pass Plus course. You'll need to have your Pass Plus certificate to benefit from this discount.