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Additinal Training

Pass Plus

The DVSA pass plus post test syllubus consists of 6 modules of driving in different conditions.
Hampshire County Council currently pay £75 towards the cost of pass plus for anyone aged 17 to 24.

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£210.00 for a minimum of 6 hours.

£255.00 with the HCC Pass Plus Scheme.

Motoway Driving

Motorway driving can be a very daunting experience for any driver.
With some tips and advice I can help you become more confident on the motorway. So you'll find journeys more pleasurable.

£50.00 per hour

Great Britain Familiarisation Training

This includes EU & non EU licence holders wanting to obtain a full GB licence.

£50.00 per hour

Eco-Safe Driving

Save money & time being more fuel efficient and less stressed behind the wheel.

£50.00 per hour

Good Driving is No Accident